Friday, February 29, 2008

PICTURES! Sleepy .. yes, so sleepy...

Mommy insisted on sharing these pictures with everyone.
I was too sleepy to realized that I was a willing model.

This was taken after our elaborate grooming session. Mommy really gave me a good clean wipe everywhere and since I agreed to it, she even managed to clip all my nails. She brushed me all over, clean my ears, eyes and my little nose. All at one go. She was so amazed.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ummm..... B-O-N-E-S

I woke up earlier than usual this morning. Mommy and daddy were still sleeping, snoozing away such a beautiful morning. What a waste! I dashed towards the window to look at some fast flying birds. I wonder if I they would drop by and say hello. They seems to be in such a hurry all the time.

The wind feels so good against my face and my whiskers were twitching and fanning away, trying to feel as much fresh wind as I could. There's some kind of construction going on across the street and the tools go *Ngeeee.........katcha...ngeeee....katcha...katcha ...* I don't like the noise at all.

My breakfast is not ready yet. So, I just scoot around the kitchen trying to figure out what will it be today. And then, there, hidden in a corner of the cabinet. Something stood out. I took a sniff and ummm .... smells great. At the same time, my tummy betrayed me and I felt it roaring. I know I am not supposed to eat off the floor but this forbidden thing is just too tempting. Argh .. I can't resist it.

Slowly and cautiously, I proceeded towards it. I don't want to scare it away. Then, with one swipe of my paw, I got hold of it! What a strange looking object. It's a little thick in the middle, forked out in two ways and boy does it smell wonderful. Without much thought, I sank my teeth into it and *ack* it's so hard. So, I spit it hard and swipe it a couple of times across the floor. I must've made a lot of noise because that is when I heard mommy yelled *practically on top of her lugs* *NOOOOOOOOO*

Whew! I ran for my life, abandoning the *bone* - as mommy called it. I hid behind the couch, a little but startled but at the same time, felt really good for being so mischievous. I heard a really loud familiar noise coming from the kitchen and that is when I know my fun has ended. The monster vacuum cleaner is now out from its hiding place and gorging away whatever is left on the kitchen floor.

Back to eating my Duck with Green Pea for breakfast. Oh well!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

My New Litter Box

I have a new litter box! Mommy decided to replace my old litter box since I've outgrown it. I can't fit into my old box and has difficulty moving about. Time really flies, mommy lamented. It was not too long ago that the litter box appears too big for me.

My litter box habit is a little peculiar - I'd stand up to that. I love to dig a lot before I do my business and I love to pile the litter up high after I am done. Mommy thinks I am a perfectionist.

Here's my old pretty pink litter box:-

And here's my new Petmate Deluxe Hooded Litter Pan Set

Not as pretty as my old one but it gives me plenty of room. Of course, mommy has to remove the clear door because I won't go in there otherwise. It also has a Zeolite filter to help absorb poop smell, not that there's anything wrong with my poop anyway. Humans!

Mommy is wondering what she should do with my old litter box. Do you think she can donate it to the shelter? Mommy will find a way I hope since I hate to see it go wasted.

Did I tell you that I actually have to litter boxes? I normally pee in one and poop in another. Here's the other litter box I have:-
So, what goes into my litter box? It's a mixture of World's Best Cat Litter and Nature's Miracle Odor Control Clumping Cat Litter of course.

Don't you think I have a wonderful life? Practically all my needs are well taken care of. I really love being where I am. *You are a sweetheart Lucy Belle* - mommy's been telling me countless times. I'm sure I am!

Nap and treats - Two of my favorite things!

I love taking naps and there is not one place at home that I won't nap in. See this picture here. That is really a most unlikely place to take a nap in because that is actually the cover of my Sleepypod. Mommy made a nice comfty bed out of my Sleepypod but instead, I choose to retire on the cover.

Who says I can't nap next to my litter box? Well, I do and also on piles of dirty laundry and most of all, dirty socks. Heaven!

What about on the dining chair, which is tucked neatly under the dining table? My most private space to nap and mommy have no idea until she accidentally found me one day. The printer is also a good place especially when mommy is printing never ending pages of her manuscript! Good vibrations baby!

Oh, before I forget, the toilet seat cover of course. It has it's own plush carpeting with beautiful embroidery, it's elevated and just the right size for me to curl up. Mommy hates it when she has to go and find me snoozing. She doesn't have the heart to wake me so she just pray that her bladder will not betray her or my nap is shorter than usual.

Mommy weighed me a couple of days ago and guess what? I am 6lbs now. Wohahahaha....and people have been whispering behind my back that I've got plenty of meat on my bones. I will have to thank mommy for my healthy growth. She's been feeding me only the best.

I've got some achievements to boasts today. Mommy has suggested that I try out some neat tricks and she mentioned that since I am such a smart kitty, I can easily do them. Of course, some yummy treats won't do any harm either. I've already learnt my beautiful name and will go to mommy when she calls. I will also *SIT*, *GIMME 5*, *PAW SHAKE* and now mommy is suggesting that I do *STAND UP*.

Oh yeah, fellow kitties, have you tried the MC Milky Flakeums Kittens Treats? I totally love it! It helps promotes healthy teeth and strong bones! For preventing hairballs, (yucky!), mommy gave me Defurr-UM once a day. Makes my coat shiny and I don't shed much.

Some other treats which got me going:-

We Pity The Kitties Alaskan Salmon Treats

Catswell VitaKitty Chicken Breast Cat Treat

Zuke's Natural Purrz Tender Chicken and Savory Salmon Treats

Organix Cat Treats

Snack 21 Pacific Whiting Bites Treats

Kitty Kaviar

Actually, I don't always get my treats except for my daily dose of Milky Flakeums and Defurr-UM. Mommy only gives it to me sparingly, whenever we are learning to do new tricks or if I did something extra special. So, don't worry, I won't turn into a treat addict. I get all my nutritionally balanced meals on time.

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