Monday, November 5, 2007

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Lucy Belle loves her sleepypod and gives this ultra comfortable carrier two paws up. Take out the top and it double as a nifty cat bed. Comes with an alternative heating pad which provides plenty of warmth during the cold winter months. Check it out!

Sweet Lounge

The Sweet Lounge is a hit with my girl.
-Cardboard corrugate provides appropriate materiality for scratching and sleeping.
-Ergonomic curves designed and scaled especially for use by cats.
-Generous radius' of Sweet Lounge provides an elevated and extra large napping area.
-Symmetrical design allows for reversibility.
-Provides a long-term solution to scratching problems.
-Made with ecologically friendly materials: 100% recyclable at the end of its lifecycle.
-Made in the USA, non-toxic adhesives.

Dreamcurl Scratcher

Smarter than the average floor scratcher, Dream Curl is made of both carpet and sisal surfaces in a unique S-shape for your kitty's scratching pleasure. Your cat will appreciate the variety of scratching surfaces and you'll love how it compliments your home's decor. With places climb, scratch, curl up and hide.. this scratcher will pique you cat's curiousity time and time again. Plus, a suspended toy adds to the appeal.


Created primarily using recycled materials the Kittypod is great for those who appreciate environmentally thoughtful design. The curved egg-shape pod creates an interior form-fitting bed for cats of all sizes. The texture of the corrugation provides a surface that is soft and breathes and is durable for scratching, making the Kittypod the absolute choice nesting spot.


Caboodle Corrugated Habitats for Cats are spacious and durable condos that cats love to play, lounge and hide in. Made with thick, heavy gauge corrugated, Caboodle are sturdy three level condos with playful peek-a-boo holes, customizable interior passageways and contoured grooming edges that are irresistible to cats.

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