Friday, January 25, 2008

Nyeh! I don't like it, I don't want it, so I won't eat it!

January 25th, 2007

Ok, mommy says I've been a real pain lately. I am not eating my wet food and she has to throw away many cans of half open can food. Don't look at me mommy, my nose tells me that it's not tasty so I won't eat it.

Recently, she switched from free feeding me dry food to a scheduled feeding. I use to get dry food all day all night. Now, it's only once a day and she will leave it out for only half an hour. So now, I have to eat a lot of wet food which I really like in the beginning. I am not sure if not having dry food all day long makes me turn up my nose to the wet ones, but all I know is that sometimes, I won't eat what's being offered.

It could be the taste, the smell, the texture, I dunno! Sometimes, the food taste good to me, and now, most of the time, they don't! Mommy didn't like what I am doing so she set out the food for me with no other food choices. I still won't eat it if I don't like it. I went on without eating for half a day, freaked her out, so she changed my food to another brand, and all of a sudden, I am hungry again and will eat. But that doesn't mean that I like this food, because if given to me at another time, I WILL NOT EAT IT!

Mommy finds my taste and preference changes daily and it's too difficult to keep up. Another thing which really bugs her is my not eating leftover food from the fridge. You see, mommy split the 3oz can into two feedings. If she is lucky, I will eat the first half. Then she'll store the other half in the fridge and offer it to me again at my next feeding. I won't eat the leftover. She let it warm up to room temperature of course but that doesn't really make any difference. She tried to trick me once, pretending to take the food out from my food cabinet instead of the fridge. HMPH! My nose can tell instantly if the food is fresh or otherwise. So off it goes to the dumpster. Nyeh, nyeh, nyeh. So much for tricking me.

Just today, she realized that I am not only fussy, but pretty demanding too. She was cleaning my food dish, with uneaten food of course. Then, she scoop up some food which got splattered onto the mat. I went over to sniff her fingers and TA-DA, began licking it. She was taken aback, firstly because I am actually eating and secondly, she realized that I wanted to be HAND FED! Woohoo!!

She didn't want me to get hungry, so she just went along and hand fed me. My, that does feel wonderful! So, now, mommy is feeling guilty for spoiling me so much and overindulging me. What can I say. I love the attention and being treated just like how a princess should be. *WINK*

"Making breads", "treading the grapes", "fur massage",- "making biscuits", "making muffins", "pressy paws"

January 23rd, 2008

Whatever the name is, I have started to do it. I've never really take up kneading just until about 2 days ago. Mommy's been reading about this and wonders why I don't knead. Maybe she thought, because I am entirely hand raised, and have no knowledge of kneading my furmommy's teat to get the milk to flow.

So, there I was, on the bed with mommy, and I started pushing against her arm. It was a very small movement at the beginning and then it grew stronger and more efficient. And mommy went ... OOooOOOooo ... Lucy Belle, you are kneading!!

I guess this is supposed to be a good thing since mommy did not stop me from doing it at all. And now, whenever I settle in for a nap, I'll knead my blanket for a few minutes, purr, do a bit of grooming and zzzzzzz

Oh, did I also tell you about my new cat tree. Simply PAWSOME! It measures 78" high with 2 perches, nine posts (sisal) and seven levels. And on top of that, it comes with a comfortable condo, which has now becomes my favorite napping place. I love climbing and jumping! And mommy's been telling me to scratch only the post when the needs come and I've been a very good girl so far.

((My brand new cat tree))

I have a lot of toys to play with, and a brand new cat tree, and yeah, daddy also got me an activity cube. Mommy thinks I am getting too spoilt but she can help herself. I am being a very good girl and rarely gets into trouble. I really love it here!

A Few Happy Thoughts...

January 10th, 2008

Yesterday, I was awarded CAT OF THE WEEK in my Group;-

! ♥ =^..^= 4 The Love of Cats =^..^= ♥ !

Thank you so much for choosing me. What a great way to start the New Year. I am very happy and so is mommy, who was really over the top a weenie bit. Upon learning the good news, she was showering me with kisses and lots of belly rubs, which I am very fond of. She even went as far as baking me a virtual cake so I can share with everyone in my group. Now, isn't that so sweet of her.

((And this is my winning photo!))

Mommy has also been writing to a lot of Pet Food company inquiring about their cat food. Since she has been learning more and more about commercial pet food and the details surrounding the huge Pet Food Recall of March 2007, she has been on a constant lookout in ensuring that the food she feeds me is safe. I am so proud of her.

Many companies replied back and offered me some of their very best food to sample. I would like to thank a few outstanding people here ;-

The team from Canidae/Felidae (Very responsive to inquiries and helpful)
Scott from Nature's Logic
Mary from Lick Your Chops
Kate from Royal Canin
Nima from Artemis
Shelly from Castor & Pollux (she is an absolute darling; provided mommy with lots of information and very helpful too)
Susan from Wellness
Kristi from Natural Balance
CSR from Pet Promise (again, another wonderful company with lots of info how to gradually change a pet's diet)
Pam from Diamondpet (Thanks Pam for taking the time to reply to all mommy email!)
Emily from Stella and Chewys (Emily is one of the most helpful and gave reassurance that their pet food are tested consistently and the results posted online. And thanks so much for the belly rub too!)
Cheryl from Eagle Pack
Danielle from Holistic Blend
Sue from Breeder's Choice
Ward from Soujourner's Farm
Jenna from The Honest Kitchen (Jenna is really a nice person to deal with. Very personable and sweet.)

Mommy always believe that a good pet owner is someone who educates themself in pet nutrition and be on the constant lookout for the changes in the Pet Food industry. One has to be resourceful and proactive in seeking information and be able to separate truth from fiction in advertising.

As for me, my job is to provide mommy with plenty of affections and be a good companion to her. I think I got a pretty good deal here.

I seems to have a lot to write about today so must well go on.

I am now officially up to date with all my shots. Just came back from the vet for my last 3-1 booster and the rabies shot. My stool checked out fine, I am parasite/worms free. Doc said I am a beautiful girl with really long whiskers. He assured mommy that I am healthy and growing up just the way I supposed to. I now weigh 4lbs 6 oz and is getting heavier for mommy to tote around in my sleepypod.

And I have my first close encounter with a dog today. Darn those smelly salivating dog. I was sitting quietly in my Sleepypod, waiting for my test results in the vet's office. Then this dog by the name of Poochie (name changed to protect the not so innocnent), which happens to be a Cocker Spaniel, came really close. She was already all hype up in the vets office, sniffing this other Terrier who was wearing a collar and looking oh so sad! Then Poochie came near my Sleepypod to check me out. Well, mind you, I've never seen a dog this up close before and my reaction was to HISS and give her a SWIPE with my PAW, all claws extended. This scared the loot out of Poochie and she went running to her human.

I would have behaved better had I not just had three needles poked into me, one being this really long one for micro chipping. And the smell of rubbing alcohol on the spot bugs me to no end. So, Poochie, no harm meant at all, you just caught me at the wrong time.

Mommy has two house guests for the past month and they are really fun to be with! They feed me when mommy and daddy's not home and play with me. They got me a lion kitty from Animaland which I pounce and kick around. The lion kitty came with a birth certificate which named me as his guardian. Isn't that neat? Mommy think I am too small to be anyone's guardian though but if it says to on paper, I'll do my very best! I've been sleeping with Kitty and Bubbly but most morning, I woke up beside mommy. Wonder how that happened!

I think I am going to really miss them when they are gone. I hope I can cope being alone at home all by myself again, although mommy is constantly worried about my well being.

Overall, I have a really good start this year and I wish that everyone is happy and healthy too. PAWS up and hold your TAIL high!

Going Into Hyperdrive

January 2nd, 2008

First and foremost, here's to a happy and fury meow year to all!

Mommy has been busy but today, she'll help me write my diary, which I have been pestering her to do almost daily.

You know something, I don't meow, I don't make a sound, unless I absolutely have to. I sprint into action because I believe action is louder than meows. My strong hind legs make thunderous sound whenever I sprint across the hall or chase my mommy's legs. Mommy has been meowing at me and I can't help but really laugh, not loudly of course. Mommy love to get on all fours and meow at me, ever since she saw that dang youtube video of a talkative oriental kitten. Jeez..cmmon, that kitten is such a whiner and meows at anything! Not me!

I have full access of the house now, no more silly cardboxes blocking my way. Woohoot! MEOW! Hahaha ... nah ...

Mommy said that I am well behaved enough to let me roam freely. The strangest thing is, when the boxes were there, I so wanted to know what's behind them. Now that the area is wide open, I barely give a sniff. Strange huh?

So, what have I been up to? Well, one thing which mommy is not really proud of is my hyperactive midnight behavior. I get into hyperdrive and zoom around the house like my distant cousin the cheetah. I chase my tail, acting stupid and growl, hiss, yowl, whatever. It drives mommy crazy. Well, I don't do this all night of course, maybe for a good few 10 minutes or so, before I use up all my energy and crash.

Mommy don't seems to understand it at all. She play with me in the day, chase me around and I climb up and down the furniture, the book cases, the window still. So, she don't know how I behave so aggressively. I don't know either but I have been doing this for a few nights now and mommy threatened to place me back into my zip shut kennel if I don't stop.

Oh yeah, I sleep with mommy and daddy on the bed now, eventhough sometimes, I prefer to sleep UNDER instead of ON. But I really don't want to go sleep in the kennel so I have to make sure I stay really quiet at night and don't make so much noise.

I wonder if any of you do the same thing too. If you do, let me know why because I really want to be a good girl and let mommy and daddy have a good night sleep.

First Round of Shots

November 30th, 2007

I visited the Vet again, as scheduled for my tests and immunizations. Mommy remembered the nurse telling her to bring along a stool sample so the good doc can check me for parasites - (btw, i hate tht word!)

Since my appointment was in the evening, mommy was eagerly waiting for me to poop the whole day. She did however, have a backup poop from last night but she figured a fresh stool would be much better. It's so funny how mommy ran along me when I head to my litter box. It's weird having her staring at my (_|_) and waiting for something to come out. I tricked mommy twice actually. Just for fun. I didn't want to worry mommy so I went ahead and poop, exactly an hour before the appointment. Hah .. now, mommy has the freshest stool sample ever!

When we reached the vets office, I saw two funny looking creature there. One is called a miniature schnauzer, and the other a Pomeranian. The schnauzer is having some dental work done and I have no idea what's up with the Pomeranian .. who looks fidgety all the time. Since I am confined in my carrier, I couldn't get a good look at them.

When it's my turn, I just went into the examination room with mommy calmly. The vet said that I am such a big girl now, yeah! he remembers me. :) He told mommy about having some bloodwork done to check for Feline Aids/Leukemia. I didn't see what hit me until I sense some strong hands on my legs. Ouch! Doc thanked me for my blood but I was really freaked out! Phew .. that was totally unexpected.

We waited for a while before the test results came in. And then the nice nurse lady to us that all is negative, even the stool sample. Yeah! That's really some good news. Even though my stool is negative for parasites, doc went ahead anyway with the Strongid Wormer. He stuck something onto the roof of my mouth and gulp gulp gulp I went. I can't tell you how it tastes like but it ruined my perfectly coiffed fur!

Then came this really strange procedure. The vet assistant held me down, and the doc pinched my back and then suddenly, off I flew across the table! Doc told mom that that was the Feline 3 in 1 booster shot and I would need to get another in 3 weeks time. I didn't feel a thing since I was flying! Maybe that's the trick. Ingenious....

Overall, I am healthy and on the right track. Mommy mentioned to doc that I shake my head and scratch my ear quite a bit and worried that I might have ear mites. But the doc assured her that I am flea/earmite free. All I have is ear wax! So, he cleaned it for me. Now, I don't feel the need to shake my head and scratch my ear anymore. Thanks doc!

I don't fear going to the vet at all. Mommy was so happy that I was very well behaved and just screamed a little, well, quite loudly she'd say, during the needle and blood procedure. Other than that, I didn't bite anyone, didn't try to jump or act restlessly.

When I came home, I just felt so sleepy and sleep through the night. Mommy did wake me up once to feed me. I don't feel anything different and ate the same amount of food I normally do. It's just that, I felt that it was a long day and I need to catch up on my sleep.

Today, I am back to my usual self. But I think, I'd need to nap again. So, cya!

Early Christmas Present

November 28th, 2007

Daddy got me a new toy and it's huge! It's called a Kitty Kat Circus and mommy just unwrapped it for me yesterday. I love it. I can pounce and jump and leap and mommy said that daddy got this for me because I have been extremely nice. Daddy said the present is a reward for my good behavior and for using my litter box regularly.

Mommy got me a lot of toys but daddy's toy is the best. Sorry mommy, I love all your toys too but hehehe ... I think the Kitty Kat Circus is what I wanted to play with now. She got a bit upset when she threw me a fishy fun toy, which used to be my favorite and I didn't budge. Instead, I ran towards daddy's toy. I mean, it's new and exciting and I just want to explore more. So, don't worry mommy, after a few days, I'll come back for your toy.

I have a huge box of toy which mommy kept away from my sight. I don't know about you, but I think I have more toys than anyone else here. I spy something big and nice the other day, still in the box so maybe that's my real Christmas present. I'll be patient and be a good girl and when Christmas comes, I'll get to see what it is!


November 26th, 2007

You must be wondering why did I title this entry the POOP but I can't think of anything else. You see, mommy came home from work today and saw my poop, IN THE LITTER BOX! She was so happy, she almost smothered me with kisses and belly rubs!

Mommy's been training me to use the litter box for a week now and I still can't seems to go by myself. What I usually do is to find that spot behind the door and just go. Every time mommy catches me in position, she'll dash over and place me into the litter box. And that is how I go, but never on my own yet, until today.

I think it's a really big deal that I poop in the box. Don't you think it's strange that mommy picks me up whenever I am ready to go and place me in the box. Sometimes, my poop is almost out and she will run madly to make sure I go in the right place. Well, I just remembered what mommy told me and just did what she wanted me to do today. Just a little surprised by her reaction today. But, I felt really proud of myself and I am sure mommy feels the same way too.

And um ... the second stage according to mommy, is to have me covering my poop. And I have this strange feeling about pooping and peeing in the same box so maybe mommy can get me a different box? Maybe a bigger one?

Where are we going mommy?

November 22nd, 2007

Mommy got a HUGE package delivery yesterday and it has been sitting in the the living room for a whole day. I can smell something going on but mommy wouldn't let me peek inside. I wonder what that is!

So, being a little, nah, very curious, I roam around the box, round and round I go and I try my very best to sniff with my little nose. Hmmm... after circling the box, I decided that jumping onto the box might get me a better view. Not long after my exciting high jumping feat, I got admonished by mommy. No fun! She wouldn't let me near the box anymore and moved it away. C'mmon momma, let me see what's inside!

I almost completely forgot about the box since I was too occupied with finding alternate ways to cross to the other side of the room, which mommy and daddy seems to spend a lot of time in. Mommy has got this really strong fence and I cracked my head really hard and it's almost impossible to cross. But fear not, since I am getting stronger everyday, I am sure I will cross to the unknown site sooner or later. Watch out mommy and daddy, I'm heading your to your secret room soon!

Oh where was I? Yeah, that box. I saw mommy taking out a really huge rounded object of of the box and placing it on the floor. Then, mommy brought it over to me. () () I rolled my eyes since I've never seen anything like this before. I sniffed a little and scratch it with my little paws. Hmmm ... the side is a little high so it's not easy to get inside, so mommy lifted me and place me into the soft cushion. I am a bit apprehensive really, but it's always good to check out something new.

Mommy said it's all mine but I don't understand it at all. Anyway, mommy said this is my carrier and it's called a Sleepypod. Huh? Am I supposed to sleep in there now? What's wrong with my old bed and my kennel? Mommy placed my blanket inside the new pod and well, it's not that I am afraid of the new pod but I just like my old bed better.

The big news is that, mommy said, I will be traveling with her in this pod. Ah yes, how could I have forgotten! When I was much much smaller, mommy used to carry me to work with her in a little cardbox carrier, which I have totally outgrown by now. And then, the traveling stopped and I don't think much of it. So, am I traveling again mommy? I don't know if I remember the smell of cars, subways, buses and cabs but I sure would love to go on a ride.

I have been playing inside the pod a little but I have not gotten used to it yet. Since mommy said we won't be on the road until next week, I should get used to the pod and learn to like it. I think I just might. It's a lovely pod, and it's huge so I can jump and climb and flip if I want.

Home Alone ....

November 12th, 2007

Not really the best decision mommy ever made but she had to teach me to be independent. Mommy felt that she longer has to bring me to work since I can't stay quietly in my pet carrier, and has grown so much. I've been jumping and climbing and mommy felt it is much better for me if I stay how for the day. The last time I was at work with mommy, I managed to climbed out from my carrier and mommy almost left me at work! I sure don't want that to happen!

Well, this is going to be difficult for me since I will miss mommy lots. However, mommy prepared everything for me so I can play and eat/drink all I want. I've learned to eat from the dish and drink water on my own so I guess I will be just fine.

I just got fed in the morning and pee/poop. I am very much contended now so I will just take a nap, a long one I figure since I've eaten quite a bit. My tummy is full and I am really sleepy too. Maybe I won't even realize that mommy is not here.

I did it MY WAY!

November 9th, 2007

Ok, more about the weaning *process* and eating on my own which mommy seems to think is such a big deal. I'll most certainly give her a reality check in knowing that there is no such thing as *owning* a kitten - more the other way round .. ahem!

So, let's do a little track back here. Remember me telling the whole catster community that I want my bottle and I don't want to eat from a dish? Fuggedabouit! No more bottle for me .. if mommy serves me my food in a bottle, I'm gonna attack the nipple and chew on it into pieces. The nipple no longer sooth me and I would much rather be a big girl and do it MY WAY!

Yup, all that being said, I am eating on my own now. Of course, being just a little under 5 weeks old, my paws-mouth-body coordination is a little off. What do you expect? So, mommy has to place my little face directly onto the dish before I start chomping down. So, I get distracted after a while and run back to my nest. So, I place my front paws into the food dish and got em all dirty. So, I sniff around a lot. I am a KITTEN and that's what kitten is suppose to do right?

Well, I've also begin to learn the wonders of the water bowl. OooOOooo ... yeah, that's one of the best part after eating. I get to splish splash water all around mommy's carpeting, dunk my head and then shake off the water like KRAZY! Yowza!~

On to another thing called the Litter Box. What in the world? Mommy's been religiously placing me into this pink box with strange stuffs in it. So unlike the plush carpeting or my fleece bed. Meh! Then, just like usual, she'll begin rubbing my belly and behind so I can pee/poo. Don't laugh .. yeah, I still can't go on my own. But who would want to when you have a grown up human being doing all the massaging until you eliminate? I think I am going to enjoy this privilege a little longer.

Ok, now where was I? Oh yeah, litter box training 101. I don't like being placed into the pink box and I don't like the feel of the litter under my paws. Since I've already mastered the art of climbing, that's what I do. I climbed, yanked, squirmed my way out. Mommy's very patient of course, being the loving furmommy she is. BUT, let me remind mommy that if and when I go, I'll do it MY WAY! Hahahahahaha ... I don't think that's a good idea and testing mommy patience is certainly something I dare not try but ... well .. I don't know .. haha..

Mommy insist on writing something here so ok, go ahead mommy. I promise I won't peek ... ((+.+))

**Lucy Belle is an angel in disguise! LOL! She is one troublemaker and so highly energetic that she wears me off easily. It's a good thing that she is now starting to eat on her own, although she needs to be prompted and reminded to eat. She has also begin to drink water on her own. I am so proud of her achievement so far.

The only thing which really concern me now is how to get her to get use to the litter box. I really thought that kittens her age should be already eliminating on her own but she just can't. Even placing her in the litterbox to help her go is a huge struggle since she is bigger now and so much stronger.

She has been gaining weight steadily and is now 20.9oz, which is perfect for kittens her age. Her stool is not fully formed but not watery either and the smell rivals my bf's used socks! I will be administrating Bene Bac to help ease her transition from soft to solid food and hopefully this will take care of the loose stool and awful stench.

Eating On My Own?

November 2nd, 2007

Huh! Mommy mentioned something about *WEANING* and I thought that must be some kind of new food or a new toy. But yesterday morning, when I awoke, and anticipating my bottle from mommy, there is none. Instead mommy place me on the floor with a lot of newspaper and sat me down. Mommy started by putting some stuffs on my mouth and I didn't know what to do so I just walked away.

Mommy carried me back to the same spot and started doing it all again, putting stuffs on my mouth. I tried to remove it and lick it away but WAIT .. it's yummy! So, I licked and licked some more and mommy then place some on her fingers and I kept on licking. Mmmm....

After a while, mommy dipped her fingers into a small dish. I just didn't know what to do so I just kept on licking mommy's fingers. Suddenly, I realized I wasn't licking mommy's fingers anymore but licking the same stuff from the dish. The stuffs, mommy called them my new food, covered my little nose when I dived into the dish and I sneezed and sneezed! Uh! BOO!~ I don't like it!

I don't want to go near the dish which made me messy. My paws are all sticky and I had to shake em real hard but still those food wouldn't budge. EEEKKKK~!

So, MOMMY! NO MORE! I don't want to eat from the dish! I want my BOTTLE! I want my BOTTLE!!!!

Mommy knew I didn't like it so she gave me back my bottle. Heheheh ... she tried again today but NO! I don't want it. I am not ready to lick on my own. I want to SUCK MY BOTTLE!!!!

My milk tasted FUNNY!

October 24th, 2007

Mommy fed me this morning and tasted funny! I really liked it and sucked vigorously! Since I am three weeks old now, mommy began to feed me some semi solid kitten food. She mixed some EVO Kittten Food in a blender with my favorite KMR and warmed it for me. Yum yum!

Mommy thinks it's about time I learn to use the litter box too! She hasn't figured out which one to get me but she is inclined to try World's Best Litter. I can't wait to set my little bum on them.

I am now 11oz and starting to walk! I can walk a short distance before falling a little bit. Yesterday, I climbed on top of a paper roll and the thing went rolling! I freaked out! I don't think I want to try that again, now until I am older.

I am getting BIG

October 21st, 2007

Mommy weighed me this morning and wow! I am now 8.9oz and I get very hungry and have been eating more! I surprised mommy when I drank about 20cc of milk at one feeding. YUM YUM!

My poop is now more firmer and mommy says this is really good. I have been pooping very good too and mommy says cleaning up after me is more difficult now because I poo poo all over my back. Sorry mommy, I can't help it but I know that next week, I can start to poop and pee on my own. Mommy says that she will teach me how to use the litter box too. I am very eager to learn something new.

I went for a car ride yesterday because mommy has to bring me to work with her. Mommy's colleagues all said that I am very adorable and they took turns to hold me. I am still a little bit scared with strangers. Mommy moved me to a different box and I didn't like it much at the beginning. I cried .. and mommy said I cried too much and my voice is getting coarse. My throats hurts a little too but after a while, I got used to my new box and made myself comfortable.

Mommy bought me a new heat lamp and I really enjoy the warmth. Thank you mommy, now I can sleep better.

I am Two Weeks Old

I'll be doing some trackback and will post diary entry from my catster page.

October 19th, 2007

Hello! My name is Lucy Belle and I am two weeks old. Mommy found me in a basement when I was only 4 days old along with my two other siblings. My real mommy had passed away and that's when this mommy decided to bring me home with her.

When I first got home, I was really small. Mommy is so kind to me and kept me warm, fed and cleaned me. I have gained a lot of weight since then. Mommy just started keeping a record not too long ago and I managed to peek. Here's what mommy wrote:-

Day 7 - 4.4oz (Umbilical Chord dropped off)
Day 8 - 5.20z
Day 9 - 5.2oz (Runny Stool Noted : Mixed Pedialyte with KMR to help curb dehydration)
Day 10 - 5.8oz (Gradually decreasing Pedialye and increasing KMR ratio)

Day 11 - 6.7oz (Back on regular strength KMR)
Day 12 - 6.8oz
Day 13 - 7.60z (Right eye fully opened! Left eye opened slightly - fully opened by the evening)
Day 14 - 7.9oz (First Vet Visit)

The visit to the vet was a little scary for me but mommy was really excited to have me checked up so she can be sure that I am healthy. Initially, mommy thought that I am a BOY ... hehehe ... but the doc told mommy that I am a GIRL! She had named me Benjamin but since I am a girl, she gave me a beautiful name - Lucy Belle.

The vet picked me up and did some examination. He opened my mouth and I was a little surprised and screamed! This got mommy startled and she was more nervous than me. I was struggling a little bit because I am not use to anyone else picking me up.

Later, I was placed on a cool table and had my whole body checked. Doc combed my fur for fleas, check my ears for mites, and peek at me privies. That's when he told mommy that I am a girl. *Blush*

Then, the most unexpected thing happened! Doc stick a thermometer into my back to get my temperature and I .... *pooped* right on the table. *Drooppppp*

Mommy and the others have a good laugh at this but I was so embarressed!

The doc informed mommy that I am still to little for vaccinations and treatments so I have to go back after 5 weeks. He told mommy that I am healthy overall and that she did a good job taking care of me. One thing that mommy can improved on is keeping me warmer.

After the vet visit, mommy went to the store right away to buy me a heating lamp! She didn't want me to get sick because since I am still a little kitten, I need to be really warm.

Now, back at home, I've been fed, cleaned and mommy rock me to sleep. I am so blessed to be here and I know that mommy loves me a lot. I will try my very best to make mommy proud and grow up healthy. Also, I love mommy a lot too!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Paws Up and Keep Your Tail High Kitties!

It's about time Lucy Belle gets her own blog, announced mommy loudly. I know the darnedest what a blog is but if it sounds good to mommy, I am all for it. So, here I am, trying to compose my thought and channel them to mommy, so she could help me establish a presence on the web.

First and foremost, this blog is all about me and my POV. I know my paws aren't for typing so my mommy will be doing all the labor, much to my relief. Humans are a wonderful breed, if you just manage to tap into their inner self and ignite that *love*, you're set for life. Although I have to admit, that, at 5 days old, I did little of that. The only thing I did was to show that I have a strong will to live, despite all the odds against me.

The beginning of my life is a little cloudy. Unlike all the pedigree snobs, I don't come with a certificate, legalizing me as the spawn of who and who. Heck, I'd be lucky to know that my real parents are both cats and I am not the hybrid of a cat and the alley rat. But rest assured, I have all cat like qualities which definitely place me in the Felis silvestris catus category. Just don't count on me to hunt vermin!

This being my first post, I'll keep it short and sweet. Mommy promised to do regular updates and post lots of pictures. So, a huge HELLO to all as I introduce myself to blogosphere.

I'll leave you with a video mommy made for me ;-

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What greater gift than the love of a cat? ~Charles Dickens

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