Friday, January 25, 2008


November 26th, 2007

You must be wondering why did I title this entry the POOP but I can't think of anything else. You see, mommy came home from work today and saw my poop, IN THE LITTER BOX! She was so happy, she almost smothered me with kisses and belly rubs!

Mommy's been training me to use the litter box for a week now and I still can't seems to go by myself. What I usually do is to find that spot behind the door and just go. Every time mommy catches me in position, she'll dash over and place me into the litter box. And that is how I go, but never on my own yet, until today.

I think it's a really big deal that I poop in the box. Don't you think it's strange that mommy picks me up whenever I am ready to go and place me in the box. Sometimes, my poop is almost out and she will run madly to make sure I go in the right place. Well, I just remembered what mommy told me and just did what she wanted me to do today. Just a little surprised by her reaction today. But, I felt really proud of myself and I am sure mommy feels the same way too.

And um ... the second stage according to mommy, is to have me covering my poop. And I have this strange feeling about pooping and peeing in the same box so maybe mommy can get me a different box? Maybe a bigger one?


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