Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In a cheery playful mood

Yeah, I am feeling good today! This vid was taken early in the morning when mommy woke up. She saw me sleeping in the bathroom tile floor to cool off. See, it's been too hot lately and nothing feels better than the bathroom tiles! I hope the hot weather would go away soon but mommy cautioned that Summer is approaching and we are just getting a taste of it!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Pillow Tunnel

One fun thing to do is when mommy lined the pillows together to make a nice tunnel for me to play in. See, we cat's are extremely easy to please. Try this with your kitty and I am sure they will have a blast! The longer the pillow tunnel the better of course!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Toy and Box and Smooching Mr Smudge

In response to Mr. Smudge's post:-


I think I wanna smooch you now!

Hmm...that looks cool!

Lets just jump into the box first
(Mommy's note : They always do that!
You rather sit in a box than play with your brand new toy?)

I think I really do like the toy ..

Ok, here I go!

Hey, my paw fits in there, nice..but where's the ball?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Outdoor Cats - Dangers Lurking In Every Corner : WARNING - GRAPHIC

A short video I've put together.

Litter box duties mommy!! NOW!

Here's the thing. I think mommy is slacking. Yes she is. I had to remind her to do her litterbox duties now. You see, it was very early in the morning, I'd say about 4am and when a girl has to go, she has to go. So, gingerly, I head to my litterbox. And what did I see?? Clumps! Clumps! To my horror, mommy has completely forgotten to scoop. She is rarely this forgetful though. I can't go and do my business in a dirty box!

So, I tried cleaning it myself. I pawed at the sides of my box, oh so hard did I pawed! And I knew I made loud noises too, just imagine the sound of my paws against the box .. seesh, seesh, seesh, seesh, on and on I go.

Hah! Then mommy woke up. She can barely open her eyes and she asked me what's the matter? I sat next to my box, peering in and looking up at her. Well mommy, what do you think it's the matter! With a heavy sigh, mommy apoligized and finally scooped the litter. Thanks mommy! Right after my litter box has been cleaned, I jumped right in to relieve myself.

P/S : Happy Earth Day everyone! FYI, my litter is all natural and biodegradable! We cats have to contribute to this happy place that we call home too!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Mommy miss bottle feeding me ...

Mommy is getting a tad nostalgic. Blame it on the weather. Drats! It's raining outside but don't say it is raining cats and dogs. Only dogs rain on your parade, we cats have better things to do, like napping and redecorating your house and of course, painting your couch via well placed scratches and tons of fur! Mommy being the silly bean, took out the bottle from the cabinet and gave it to me. I sniffed it and walked away. My bottle days are way over mommy. Accept the fact that I am no longer that small helpless kitten. Nope, I am my own lady cat now. And also, what am I going to do with an empty bottle? Fill it up with yummy milk and we'll talk.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Pebbles Mommy Got Talent!

Oh, mommy found out about this lovely lady, Susan Boyle and her amazing singing on YouTube. Her beautiful rendition of I Dreamed a Dream (Les Miserables) in the show Britian Got Talent brought tears down mommy's cheek. Ms Susan Boyle is the mommy of 10 year of Pebbles. Pebbles is so lucky that her mommy is so famous now. How I wish I can see how Pebbles looks like. Mommy said that people were initially making fun of Ms. Susan Boyle's looks but once she started singing, her beauty shone like a million stars twinkling in the dark sky. Mommy can't seems to get enough of her and she like many others are watching the video again and again. I must say that I am very impressed too and I happens to enjoy that song a lot. So to those who have not heard her sing, please do:-


And now there is a new video up of Ms Susan Boyle's singing the song Cry Me A River. Her voice is simply amazing! One would never guess that such a humble lady would have such a voice that pierce your very heart.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Not Snow White but close enough

I am not going to cross my legs so take the shot now.... Mommy thinks I am getting more whites on my glorious fur. The bridge of my nose is white, I wear white socks on all four, my chin is white, I have a white bib and my tummy is white. You don't see this much white when I am not laying down like this. So, she thought this is a great picture of me showing my snowy fur. Humans...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mommy's Day Out

Mommy visited the NYC ASPCA last week. She said that's where less fortunate kitties go to when they are no longer wanted or have no home. I feel so sad for them. If mommy have not taken me home, that is probably where I will end up to, if I am lucky to stay alive. Mommy saw many kitties there but she told me not to worry because the people there take very good care of all the homeless kitties. Mommy is very impressed with the facility which is sparkling clean, and appears to be a good place for the kitties to stay temporarily. Mommy didn't plan on adopting because she couldn't take in another kitty. She said that I am already a handful but the time will come when she can open our home to those less fortunate ones. She did however made a donation and hope that it will help to care for the kitties.

This little black kitty sits comfortably on his warm bed near the front door. There is a huge glass enclosure which houses a few kitties and they can spend time napping, playing or just people watching. The glass enclosure has multi level perches for kitty to climb on as well as toys and cat beds. I am happy to hear that because I know kitties really dislike being caged (I was caged when I was at the vet sometime ago and I will never want to have to go through that again!). Inside however, some kitties remain in a smaller glass case, looks like a cage but definitely more comfortable. Mommy figures the kitties get their time out from the case on rotation and placed in the three huge glass enclosure near the front door.

Mommy couldn't take more pics inside the shelter so here are a few from the web:-

credit :- http://newyork.timeout.com/articles/shopping/22732/how-to-adopt-a-pet

credit:- http://bikingdog.blogspot.com/2008/10/tour-de-shelters-in-new-york-city.html

Mommy saw the Mobile Adoption Van parked outside and had to snap these! The customized license plate is FTW! (For the Win). =^^=

From the ASPCA website:-


The ASPCA Mobile Adoption program brings shelter pets and potential pet parents together by traveling to communities throughout the five boroughs. Our 26-foot vehicle travels four days a week—Thursday through Sunday—to a neighborhood near you. Adopters can spend time with a dog or cat and go home with their new furry friend the very same day.

All of our animals are spayed or neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations, microchipped, and come with a leash or carrier, as well as a certificate for free follow-up veterinary care at the ASPCA Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital. Adoption fees range from $75 to $200. Our knowledgeable adoption counselors are on hand to provide all the information you need and help you find the purrfect match. For more information about our Mobile Adoption schedule, please call (212) 876-7700 ext. 4120.

Please note: During the winter months, we do not bring dogs to our offsite adoption events—only cats and kittens. If you are interested in adopting a dog, please visit the ASPCA Adoption Center at 424 E. 92nd St in Manhattan.

I am so happy that mommy took some time out to go to the ASPCA. While I am sad that the kitties are waiting for a new home to go to, I am happy knowing that in the mean time, they are all being taken care off very well. I really am lucky to have a loving home and I wish that those kitties will find one too soon!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Look into my eyes ... and do as I say!

I will hypnotize you! Bring me food, bring me toys, do not disturb me, I will come to you when I feel like it, I am the master of the house, Yes ME! Now, how can mommy say NO to me when I look at her like that right? I mean, you can't resist me either right? But my magic gaze failed. I wanted another piece of treat but mommy said NO! Meal time is approaching and I can't get seconds. Not fair! So, I shall go and hide under the bed for now. See ya!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Why..hello there!

Yes, I know it has been way too long since mommy help me update my blog. Things has been getting rather hectic and mommy's been bogged down by something that she won't tell me. But all is well now it seems and mommy said she will help me update this. Yay!

I went for my wellness check up in January and got all my shots UTD. I weigh at 11lbs now and the vet told mommy that this is my optimum weight and I shouldn't grow any bigger. So, I got my booster shots along with the rabies shot. Didn't hurt a bit! The only thing that bugs me was the trip from home to the vet. I don't really like being squeezed into the cat carrier. I remembered the carrier to be a whole lot spacious but now, it seems like mommy's shoes closet! Oh wait, maybe the carrier didn't shrink..I just grew!

Life is good here and I am having a blast. Spring is here and that means my birdie friends are coming to visit me more often now. And I also happen to notice bigger birds that shines at night, making really loud noise. Their lights blinks too, pretty entertaining if you ask me but I am afraid if the big bird might try to land on the roof. That'd be wrong .. so wrong! Mommy called the birds planes .. but they sounded really scary though. When one flew nearby, I'd rather go and hide. I don't like them at all. My small bird friends are much friendlier. They sing beautiful songs too!

And to all who are worried about me, please be assured that I am doing really good and mommy is taking good care of me. Thanks so much for noticing my absence. I hope to be back more frequently now. =^^=

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