Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ta-da!! Now you see me!

Hiya!! It's been long overdue ... my updates I meant. It's all mommy's fault.. I have no idea what she's thinking really, she is always so busy with her work and she wouldn't have helped me update if not for my super paw swipe attack.

The last time I was at the vet, it was because mommy thought something is very wrong with my breathing. Luckily, the doc gave me a clean bill of health. She is always so careful with me. Can't blame her really. We have both been through a lot.

It's hot, and I have been taking a lot of catnaps. Mommy didn't want me turn in that notorious 44lb cat from Jersey so she has been trying to get me to play. I mean, I would love to, but playing alone is not much fun. Mommy is always doing her own stuffs and sometimes, I had to just literally shove my butt onto her face before she would even acknowledge that I need my play time. I know she didn't do that on purpose, ignoring me that is, but lately, I really feel like being left alone.

Oh yeah, to everyone else who has been emailing me asking about how I am, don't you worry ok. I am doing well now and I know where to go when nature calls. Mommy said I've been peeing a lot and her litter expenses are increasing. I mean, that's what we are both hoping for right? Just yesterday, Petco delivered litter to mommy and it came in two huge boxes! Whoa...BOXES! :)

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