Monday, May 4, 2009

Daddy got a new pair of shoes!

Daddy bought a new pair of shoes and I agree, he has got great taste.
I am happy not only because daddy finally got rid of his smelly stinky old shoes, but because the shoebox is the perfect fit for me!
Daddy's new pair of shoes! Don't you think it's absolutely stunning?
I love the shoelace part the most! I tried sinking my teeth into it and daddy came running and stored his shoes away. No fun!

See what I mean by the perfect fit?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The egg carton

Mommy has been thinking of ways to reuse things around the house and she came up with a brilliant idea to make me work for my treats. Not to say that I am totally excited about it but it's fun so I think this will make other kitties happy.

Mummy placed the carton on the floor and filled them with yummy treats

Intrique by the box and the nice smell of treats, I inched closer to inspect!

Hey, there is something in there, let me check it out with my paw

Oh, yeah, scoop it out - make sure you situate yourself properly so your paw can reach further

There you go! I made it, treat now on the floor so time to dig in!!

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