Thursday, May 22, 2008

Times of Trial

Since my last post, Lucy Belle's condition has not improved and has gotten even more alarming. The most important thing is we changed vet as the old vet is simply too incompetent, bordering on malpractice. She is now being taken care by a team of Feline Exclusive Veterinarians and I am glad that they are dedicated professionals who are pursuing aggressively to diagnose her condition.

The initial diagnosis was FLUTD and she was given the antibiotic Clamavox - 2 weeks course. The first culture result came back negative. She did well during the course of her medication and the week and a half after. All of a sudden, her condition worsen yesterday morning. She had blood oozing out from her vulva. I only notice the blood stains on my bedsheet and had no idea initially where she was bleeding.

I rushed her to the vet again and this time, when a cysto was performed, all I could see was blood. Even when the vet tried to feel her bladder, she expelled blood from her urethra. I got the scare of my life. The vet mentioned the possibility of stumped pyometra.

Stump pyometra is a serious health condition that may occur in bitches that underwent Ovariohysterectomy (spaying). In this condition, the remaining stump of the resected Uterus becomes infected and filled with a purulent fluid. The symptoms are similar to those of true pyometra. The risk of this condition is significantly reduced if no uterine or ovarian tissue remains from the original ovariohysterectomy. Diagnosis of a stump pyometra may be challenging as pyometra is often discounted as a possibility if the bitch has been previously spayed. source: wikepedia

This is an extremely rare condition but she is not willing to rule out any possibilities. I've had terrible feeling that her spay surgery didn't go too well. She was a happy and healthy kitten before this procedure and afterwards, everything started heading downhill.

Another round of tests and I am waiting for the results. She is resting at home and I only pray that she is not in terrible pain. The vet prescribe Orbax as precautionary measures as we still have not gotten to the root of the problem.

Leeny at TDK wrote this beautiful prayer which really comforted me:-

Dear God of love, who created Lucy Belle and brought her to tuttibella, you see and know all things. You see this precious kitten who means the world to her mother and means so much to all of us here. Heal your blessed creation. Cure the illness in her little body. Guide the doctor who is helping her. Send strength and wholeness coursing through her. Let that which must be done to help her be successful, and grant her a long, happy life.

Give the comfort that only you can provide to tuttibella. Her heart is breaking. Have mercy on her; give her rest and assurance that her little one will be well. Help her as she does for her baby that which needs to be done. Provide all that she needs to see Lucy Belle through this crisis.

Give your help also to all who love Lucy Belle at a distance. Help us to cope when we don't know what's happening, and remind us that you are right there with Lucy Belle and tuttibella. Take control of this situation, and bring wholeness to us all.

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