Sunday, September 21, 2008

This is Sweet-T and he's Daddy's Boy!

It's time for everyone to say Hello to daddy's big boy Sweet-T! Sorry, but I had to laugh at his name a little bit, he's so manly but how come daddy came up with the name Sweet-T? I will have to speak to daddy about this.

Daddy's been taking care of Sweet-T from work. There is where daddy first met Sweet-T years ago. But he was a very timid and shy cat at first. Daddy told us that he hiss a lot and would not come near daddy. But daddy is very persistent and just a few days ago, daddy manage to take some pics of him.

As you can see, Sweet-T is actually a softie actually! I know that my kind looks tough on the outside but inside, we are all marshmallows! I haven't the chance to meet Sweet-T but I would love to hear his stories. You see, he is Grandpa cat actually, daddy said he must be over 10 years old and being an outside cat, I am sure he has many encounters and tales to share with me.

Mommy said that Sweet-T is living outside on his own and that he is a very brave cat. Well, I have never lived on my own and I don't think I can do it. Someone must have abandoned him long time ago and luckily, he is a wise cat and now that he has found daddy, he will be taken care of very well.

See, Sweet-T is very different from me. He doesn't have stripes at all and he is black and
white. Daddy
said that although Sweet-T is a stray cat, he takes very good care of himself. He has soft white fluffy coat and he grooms himself well. Hmmm...I wanted to ask if Sweet-T has any fleas because that will make him very uncomfortable. Since Daddy said that he is very clean, I guess not then.

I do feel very sad for Sweet-T because he has no home to go back to when he is tired. He sleeps on the street somewhere and daddy can't bring him home. He is too used to living outside and is very afraid of other human, aside from daddy whom he adores. It took daddy a long long time to get Sweet-T to trust daddy. I think some human are really bad apples. How can they love you for a certain period of time and then just treat you like trash later on. My heart really goes out to all the cats who are left alone and abandoned.

I hope to meet Sweet-T one day. For now, I will just listen to daddy's stories and hope that every night, Sweet-T will have a nice cozy place to sleep and be sheltered from harm.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Mom! What have you done to me?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The HandyCat!

What will a cat do with a toolbox?

And this is what happen when you gave a cat access to the toolbox!
Ransacked the kitchen closet!!
I just wanted to stress that a huge pile of plastic bag is playground nirvana. I promise not to clean up until you allow me at least a week playing in this pile.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

All about Monsters! Slimey!

Wuahahahahahha!!! That is a most unflattering picture of me and mommy had to put it up for all to see. But in this pic, you can see clearly my plush belly fur, which has all grown back in and I no longer have to feel half naked at all times! The spay episode is now all behind me and I am as fit as ever. Judging from my size now, you can be sure that I am feeling superb and running my household the way it should.

A few days ago, we had a hairball attack. It's all due to mommy running empty on my delish hairball treats. Now, that got me and mommy thinking if that hairball treat is a miracle or a curse. Or was it merely coincident that the week I miss my treat, the hairball monster came out and wreck havoc. Anyway, I don't really want to talk about that embarrassing hacking episode but mommy felt that it's one of those things that you just can't hide from.

So, mommy heard me hacking and coughing and she was in a worse predicament than me. I just wanted to get the hairball outta me but she was clucthing her chest as if her heart will just pop out had she not hold on to it dearly. After a few split seconds, the slimy monster made its exit. Phew! What a relief for me but for mommy, it's one of those yuckiest things she has ever seen.

Being a cat is not a bed or roses really. Hairball is one of those things that makes being a cat a real pain in the bum. Now that mommy finally went out and stock up on a dozen packages of my hairball treat, I sure hope the monster will exit via the backdoor from now on.

And talking about a monster, I've got a really awesome video to share. Check it out!

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