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I did it MY WAY!

November 9th, 2007

Ok, more about the weaning *process* and eating on my own which mommy seems to think is such a big deal. I'll most certainly give her a reality check in knowing that there is no such thing as *owning* a kitten - more the other way round .. ahem!

So, let's do a little track back here. Remember me telling the whole catster community that I want my bottle and I don't want to eat from a dish? Fuggedabouit! No more bottle for me .. if mommy serves me my food in a bottle, I'm gonna attack the nipple and chew on it into pieces. The nipple no longer sooth me and I would much rather be a big girl and do it MY WAY!

Yup, all that being said, I am eating on my own now. Of course, being just a little under 5 weeks old, my paws-mouth-body coordination is a little off. What do you expect? So, mommy has to place my little face directly onto the dish before I start chomping down. So, I get distracted after a while and run back to my nest. So, I place my front paws into the food dish and got em all dirty. So, I sniff around a lot. I am a KITTEN and that's what kitten is suppose to do right?

Well, I've also begin to learn the wonders of the water bowl. OooOOooo ... yeah, that's one of the best part after eating. I get to splish splash water all around mommy's carpeting, dunk my head and then shake off the water like KRAZY! Yowza!~

On to another thing called the Litter Box. What in the world? Mommy's been religiously placing me into this pink box with strange stuffs in it. So unlike the plush carpeting or my fleece bed. Meh! Then, just like usual, she'll begin rubbing my belly and behind so I can pee/poo. Don't laugh .. yeah, I still can't go on my own. But who would want to when you have a grown up human being doing all the massaging until you eliminate? I think I am going to enjoy this privilege a little longer.

Ok, now where was I? Oh yeah, litter box training 101. I don't like being placed into the pink box and I don't like the feel of the litter under my paws. Since I've already mastered the art of climbing, that's what I do. I climbed, yanked, squirmed my way out. Mommy's very patient of course, being the loving furmommy she is. BUT, let me remind mommy that if and when I go, I'll do it MY WAY! Hahahahahaha ... I don't think that's a good idea and testing mommy patience is certainly something I dare not try but ... well .. I don't know .. haha..

Mommy insist on writing something here so ok, go ahead mommy. I promise I won't peek ... ((+.+))

**Lucy Belle is an angel in disguise! LOL! She is one troublemaker and so highly energetic that she wears me off easily. It's a good thing that she is now starting to eat on her own, although she needs to be prompted and reminded to eat. She has also begin to drink water on her own. I am so proud of her achievement so far.

The only thing which really concern me now is how to get her to get use to the litter box. I really thought that kittens her age should be already eliminating on her own but she just can't. Even placing her in the litterbox to help her go is a huge struggle since she is bigger now and so much stronger.

She has been gaining weight steadily and is now 20.9oz, which is perfect for kittens her age. Her stool is not fully formed but not watery either and the smell rivals my bf's used socks! I will be administrating Bene Bac to help ease her transition from soft to solid food and hopefully this will take care of the loose stool and awful stench.


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