Friday, January 25, 2008

A Few Happy Thoughts...

January 10th, 2008

Yesterday, I was awarded CAT OF THE WEEK in my Group;-

! ♥ =^..^= 4 The Love of Cats =^..^= ♥ !

Thank you so much for choosing me. What a great way to start the New Year. I am very happy and so is mommy, who was really over the top a weenie bit. Upon learning the good news, she was showering me with kisses and lots of belly rubs, which I am very fond of. She even went as far as baking me a virtual cake so I can share with everyone in my group. Now, isn't that so sweet of her.

((And this is my winning photo!))

Mommy has also been writing to a lot of Pet Food company inquiring about their cat food. Since she has been learning more and more about commercial pet food and the details surrounding the huge Pet Food Recall of March 2007, she has been on a constant lookout in ensuring that the food she feeds me is safe. I am so proud of her.

Many companies replied back and offered me some of their very best food to sample. I would like to thank a few outstanding people here ;-

The team from Canidae/Felidae (Very responsive to inquiries and helpful)
Scott from Nature's Logic
Mary from Lick Your Chops
Kate from Royal Canin
Nima from Artemis
Shelly from Castor & Pollux (she is an absolute darling; provided mommy with lots of information and very helpful too)
Susan from Wellness
Kristi from Natural Balance
CSR from Pet Promise (again, another wonderful company with lots of info how to gradually change a pet's diet)
Pam from Diamondpet (Thanks Pam for taking the time to reply to all mommy email!)
Emily from Stella and Chewys (Emily is one of the most helpful and gave reassurance that their pet food are tested consistently and the results posted online. And thanks so much for the belly rub too!)
Cheryl from Eagle Pack
Danielle from Holistic Blend
Sue from Breeder's Choice
Ward from Soujourner's Farm
Jenna from The Honest Kitchen (Jenna is really a nice person to deal with. Very personable and sweet.)

Mommy always believe that a good pet owner is someone who educates themself in pet nutrition and be on the constant lookout for the changes in the Pet Food industry. One has to be resourceful and proactive in seeking information and be able to separate truth from fiction in advertising.

As for me, my job is to provide mommy with plenty of affections and be a good companion to her. I think I got a pretty good deal here.

I seems to have a lot to write about today so must well go on.

I am now officially up to date with all my shots. Just came back from the vet for my last 3-1 booster and the rabies shot. My stool checked out fine, I am parasite/worms free. Doc said I am a beautiful girl with really long whiskers. He assured mommy that I am healthy and growing up just the way I supposed to. I now weigh 4lbs 6 oz and is getting heavier for mommy to tote around in my sleepypod.

And I have my first close encounter with a dog today. Darn those smelly salivating dog. I was sitting quietly in my Sleepypod, waiting for my test results in the vet's office. Then this dog by the name of Poochie (name changed to protect the not so innocnent), which happens to be a Cocker Spaniel, came really close. She was already all hype up in the vets office, sniffing this other Terrier who was wearing a collar and looking oh so sad! Then Poochie came near my Sleepypod to check me out. Well, mind you, I've never seen a dog this up close before and my reaction was to HISS and give her a SWIPE with my PAW, all claws extended. This scared the loot out of Poochie and she went running to her human.

I would have behaved better had I not just had three needles poked into me, one being this really long one for micro chipping. And the smell of rubbing alcohol on the spot bugs me to no end. So, Poochie, no harm meant at all, you just caught me at the wrong time.

Mommy has two house guests for the past month and they are really fun to be with! They feed me when mommy and daddy's not home and play with me. They got me a lion kitty from Animaland which I pounce and kick around. The lion kitty came with a birth certificate which named me as his guardian. Isn't that neat? Mommy think I am too small to be anyone's guardian though but if it says to on paper, I'll do my very best! I've been sleeping with Kitty and Bubbly but most morning, I woke up beside mommy. Wonder how that happened!

I think I am going to really miss them when they are gone. I hope I can cope being alone at home all by myself again, although mommy is constantly worried about my well being.

Overall, I have a really good start this year and I wish that everyone is happy and healthy too. PAWS up and hold your TAIL high!


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What greater gift than the love of a cat? ~Charles Dickens

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