Friday, January 25, 2008

I am Two Weeks Old

I'll be doing some trackback and will post diary entry from my catster page.

October 19th, 2007

Hello! My name is Lucy Belle and I am two weeks old. Mommy found me in a basement when I was only 4 days old along with my two other siblings. My real mommy had passed away and that's when this mommy decided to bring me home with her.

When I first got home, I was really small. Mommy is so kind to me and kept me warm, fed and cleaned me. I have gained a lot of weight since then. Mommy just started keeping a record not too long ago and I managed to peek. Here's what mommy wrote:-

Day 7 - 4.4oz (Umbilical Chord dropped off)
Day 8 - 5.20z
Day 9 - 5.2oz (Runny Stool Noted : Mixed Pedialyte with KMR to help curb dehydration)
Day 10 - 5.8oz (Gradually decreasing Pedialye and increasing KMR ratio)

Day 11 - 6.7oz (Back on regular strength KMR)
Day 12 - 6.8oz
Day 13 - 7.60z (Right eye fully opened! Left eye opened slightly - fully opened by the evening)
Day 14 - 7.9oz (First Vet Visit)

The visit to the vet was a little scary for me but mommy was really excited to have me checked up so she can be sure that I am healthy. Initially, mommy thought that I am a BOY ... hehehe ... but the doc told mommy that I am a GIRL! She had named me Benjamin but since I am a girl, she gave me a beautiful name - Lucy Belle.

The vet picked me up and did some examination. He opened my mouth and I was a little surprised and screamed! This got mommy startled and she was more nervous than me. I was struggling a little bit because I am not use to anyone else picking me up.

Later, I was placed on a cool table and had my whole body checked. Doc combed my fur for fleas, check my ears for mites, and peek at me privies. That's when he told mommy that I am a girl. *Blush*

Then, the most unexpected thing happened! Doc stick a thermometer into my back to get my temperature and I .... *pooped* right on the table. *Drooppppp*

Mommy and the others have a good laugh at this but I was so embarressed!

The doc informed mommy that I am still to little for vaccinations and treatments so I have to go back after 5 weeks. He told mommy that I am healthy overall and that she did a good job taking care of me. One thing that mommy can improved on is keeping me warmer.

After the vet visit, mommy went to the store right away to buy me a heating lamp! She didn't want me to get sick because since I am still a little kitten, I need to be really warm.

Now, back at home, I've been fed, cleaned and mommy rock me to sleep. I am so blessed to be here and I know that mommy loves me a lot. I will try my very best to make mommy proud and grow up healthy. Also, I love mommy a lot too!


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