Friday, January 25, 2008

Home Alone ....

November 12th, 2007

Not really the best decision mommy ever made but she had to teach me to be independent. Mommy felt that she longer has to bring me to work since I can't stay quietly in my pet carrier, and has grown so much. I've been jumping and climbing and mommy felt it is much better for me if I stay how for the day. The last time I was at work with mommy, I managed to climbed out from my carrier and mommy almost left me at work! I sure don't want that to happen!

Well, this is going to be difficult for me since I will miss mommy lots. However, mommy prepared everything for me so I can play and eat/drink all I want. I've learned to eat from the dish and drink water on my own so I guess I will be just fine.

I just got fed in the morning and pee/poop. I am very much contended now so I will just take a nap, a long one I figure since I've eaten quite a bit. My tummy is full and I am really sleepy too. Maybe I won't even realize that mommy is not here.


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