Friday, January 25, 2008

I am getting BIG

October 21st, 2007

Mommy weighed me this morning and wow! I am now 8.9oz and I get very hungry and have been eating more! I surprised mommy when I drank about 20cc of milk at one feeding. YUM YUM!

My poop is now more firmer and mommy says this is really good. I have been pooping very good too and mommy says cleaning up after me is more difficult now because I poo poo all over my back. Sorry mommy, I can't help it but I know that next week, I can start to poop and pee on my own. Mommy says that she will teach me how to use the litter box too. I am very eager to learn something new.

I went for a car ride yesterday because mommy has to bring me to work with her. Mommy's colleagues all said that I am very adorable and they took turns to hold me. I am still a little bit scared with strangers. Mommy moved me to a different box and I didn't like it much at the beginning. I cried .. and mommy said I cried too much and my voice is getting coarse. My throats hurts a little too but after a while, I got used to my new box and made myself comfortable.

Mommy bought me a new heat lamp and I really enjoy the warmth. Thank you mommy, now I can sleep better.


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