Friday, January 25, 2008

Where are we going mommy?

November 22nd, 2007

Mommy got a HUGE package delivery yesterday and it has been sitting in the the living room for a whole day. I can smell something going on but mommy wouldn't let me peek inside. I wonder what that is!

So, being a little, nah, very curious, I roam around the box, round and round I go and I try my very best to sniff with my little nose. Hmmm... after circling the box, I decided that jumping onto the box might get me a better view. Not long after my exciting high jumping feat, I got admonished by mommy. No fun! She wouldn't let me near the box anymore and moved it away. C'mmon momma, let me see what's inside!

I almost completely forgot about the box since I was too occupied with finding alternate ways to cross to the other side of the room, which mommy and daddy seems to spend a lot of time in. Mommy has got this really strong fence and I cracked my head really hard and it's almost impossible to cross. But fear not, since I am getting stronger everyday, I am sure I will cross to the unknown site sooner or later. Watch out mommy and daddy, I'm heading your to your secret room soon!

Oh where was I? Yeah, that box. I saw mommy taking out a really huge rounded object of of the box and placing it on the floor. Then, mommy brought it over to me. () () I rolled my eyes since I've never seen anything like this before. I sniffed a little and scratch it with my little paws. Hmmm ... the side is a little high so it's not easy to get inside, so mommy lifted me and place me into the soft cushion. I am a bit apprehensive really, but it's always good to check out something new.

Mommy said it's all mine but I don't understand it at all. Anyway, mommy said this is my carrier and it's called a Sleepypod. Huh? Am I supposed to sleep in there now? What's wrong with my old bed and my kennel? Mommy placed my blanket inside the new pod and well, it's not that I am afraid of the new pod but I just like my old bed better.

The big news is that, mommy said, I will be traveling with her in this pod. Ah yes, how could I have forgotten! When I was much much smaller, mommy used to carry me to work with her in a little cardbox carrier, which I have totally outgrown by now. And then, the traveling stopped and I don't think much of it. So, am I traveling again mommy? I don't know if I remember the smell of cars, subways, buses and cabs but I sure would love to go on a ride.

I have been playing inside the pod a little but I have not gotten used to it yet. Since mommy said we won't be on the road until next week, I should get used to the pod and learn to like it. I think I just might. It's a lovely pod, and it's huge so I can jump and climb and flip if I want.


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