Friday, January 25, 2008

Going Into Hyperdrive

January 2nd, 2008

First and foremost, here's to a happy and fury meow year to all!

Mommy has been busy but today, she'll help me write my diary, which I have been pestering her to do almost daily.

You know something, I don't meow, I don't make a sound, unless I absolutely have to. I sprint into action because I believe action is louder than meows. My strong hind legs make thunderous sound whenever I sprint across the hall or chase my mommy's legs. Mommy has been meowing at me and I can't help but really laugh, not loudly of course. Mommy love to get on all fours and meow at me, ever since she saw that dang youtube video of a talkative oriental kitten. Jeez..cmmon, that kitten is such a whiner and meows at anything! Not me!

I have full access of the house now, no more silly cardboxes blocking my way. Woohoot! MEOW! Hahaha ... nah ...

Mommy said that I am well behaved enough to let me roam freely. The strangest thing is, when the boxes were there, I so wanted to know what's behind them. Now that the area is wide open, I barely give a sniff. Strange huh?

So, what have I been up to? Well, one thing which mommy is not really proud of is my hyperactive midnight behavior. I get into hyperdrive and zoom around the house like my distant cousin the cheetah. I chase my tail, acting stupid and growl, hiss, yowl, whatever. It drives mommy crazy. Well, I don't do this all night of course, maybe for a good few 10 minutes or so, before I use up all my energy and crash.

Mommy don't seems to understand it at all. She play with me in the day, chase me around and I climb up and down the furniture, the book cases, the window still. So, she don't know how I behave so aggressively. I don't know either but I have been doing this for a few nights now and mommy threatened to place me back into my zip shut kennel if I don't stop.

Oh yeah, I sleep with mommy and daddy on the bed now, eventhough sometimes, I prefer to sleep UNDER instead of ON. But I really don't want to go sleep in the kennel so I have to make sure I stay really quiet at night and don't make so much noise.

I wonder if any of you do the same thing too. If you do, let me know why because I really want to be a good girl and let mommy and daddy have a good night sleep.


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