Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ummm..... B-O-N-E-S

I woke up earlier than usual this morning. Mommy and daddy were still sleeping, snoozing away such a beautiful morning. What a waste! I dashed towards the window to look at some fast flying birds. I wonder if I they would drop by and say hello. They seems to be in such a hurry all the time.

The wind feels so good against my face and my whiskers were twitching and fanning away, trying to feel as much fresh wind as I could. There's some kind of construction going on across the street and the tools go *Ngeeee.........katcha...ngeeee....katcha...katcha ...* I don't like the noise at all.

My breakfast is not ready yet. So, I just scoot around the kitchen trying to figure out what will it be today. And then, there, hidden in a corner of the cabinet. Something stood out. I took a sniff and ummm .... smells great. At the same time, my tummy betrayed me and I felt it roaring. I know I am not supposed to eat off the floor but this forbidden thing is just too tempting. Argh .. I can't resist it.

Slowly and cautiously, I proceeded towards it. I don't want to scare it away. Then, with one swipe of my paw, I got hold of it! What a strange looking object. It's a little thick in the middle, forked out in two ways and boy does it smell wonderful. Without much thought, I sank my teeth into it and *ack* it's so hard. So, I spit it hard and swipe it a couple of times across the floor. I must've made a lot of noise because that is when I heard mommy yelled *practically on top of her lugs* *NOOOOOOOOO*

Whew! I ran for my life, abandoning the *bone* - as mommy called it. I hid behind the couch, a little but startled but at the same time, felt really good for being so mischievous. I heard a really loud familiar noise coming from the kitchen and that is when I know my fun has ended. The monster vacuum cleaner is now out from its hiding place and gorging away whatever is left on the kitchen floor.

Back to eating my Duck with Green Pea for breakfast. Oh well!


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