Monday, March 3, 2008

Do I really grow in my sleep?

A few weeks ago, I weighed 6lbs and this morning, I have gained another pound. That makes me 7lbs of thunder and I am only 5 months old. I am unable to tell you how big my furmommy is but according to some, she is one hefty lady. So, if genetics play a role in my growth, I foresee me being a really big kitty.

Many have said that babies grow in their sleep. So, do kitties grow in their sleep too? I believe so. Mommy believe it even more! Every time I wake up after a nap, mommy realized that I have grown a bit.

Not only have I grown physically, but mentally, I think I am getting smarter. Haha .. I know, I am singing my own praises but it's true. Let me give you an example.

Let's say your favorite ball has been tossed into a hammock. A least likely scenario unless your human has strange playing manners like my mommy. Anyway, what would you do?

A. Fish out the ball with your front paws while standing on your hind legs
B. Jump into the hammock and attempt to get yourself AND the ball out
C. Swing the hammock side to side until the ball falls out
D. Ignore the hammock and walk away

Smart kitties, my choice would be D. What? Give up so easily?
Of course not! Smart kitties knows exactly what they are doing. When you try desperately to get the ball out of the hammock, it only implies that you wanted the ball back badly. Your human will think it's fun to watch and we make a fool out of ourself. So what if you manage to retrieve the ball, your human will most likely toss it back into the hammock and watch us *play*.

On the contrary, don't act like a dog, who always seems to have ants up their pants. Be cool and composed. Look at the hammock, then at *stare*your human. Hold your tail up high, and turn around (with poise of course!). And you know what will happen? Your human will be so confused and they will go take the ball out of the hammock and present it to you. TA_DA! You get the ball, you don't make a scenario and smart kitties, you'd better hang on to he ball like it's your life. Take it and HIDE it. But make sure you give your human plenty of purrs afterwards. Human take things too seriously sometimes.

That's my new dish set. A little bit cliché don't you think?
But like I said, I love my new dish set. Stainless steel, smooth surface, elevated so I don't have to crouch anymore. Mommy is really considerate isn't she? I felt bad talking down about her kind just now.

And oh yeah, I have a funny story to tell as well! Ok, mommy went shopping and bought something. She took the thing out of the packaging and left the empty box on the couch. Here it is:-

Daddy came home and saw this lying on the couch. He took one look and smirked! Went looking for mommy, holding the package and said :-

*Honey, I can't wait to see it in action!*

Can you guess what was in the package? Don't think like daddy though.....


Shelley March 6, 2008 at 7:09 AM  

Hey Tuttibella, you are driving us crazy over at TDK--everyone wants an answer!! Love the blog by the way!

Anonymous March 11, 2008 at 7:28 AM  

hi lucy belle!
nice to meet you ^_^!
you are adorable!!
yeah, kittens grow in their sleep.
noa and ash also love to sleep and
they are big kittens, now!!

btw, thank you for linking to us.
i made a link to your blog, too!
from noa & ash

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