Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I Miss Everyone!

Hello! It's been more than a month since I last updated. I am sorry for not keeping up with everyone. You see, I have been taking good care of mommy, who has been a little bit sick. She needs me to be there for her and I sure did.

Rest assured, I have been a very good girl. Mommy have some good news for everyone at The Daily Kitten. She is NOT allergic to ME! She is so relieved when the test result came out NEG, and I am also extremely, extremely happy for her.

Nevertheless, mommy still have some difficulty breathing and she's taking some meds to help her feel better. Poor mommy, I wish there is more that I could do for her.

The good people at TDK are simply awesome! They were really worried about me when mommy didn't update my tummy troubles. I am doing really good now, eating and playing like before. I just got some bad allergic reaction to certain brand of food and mommy swear never to let me eat them again! Bad FOOD ... Then, mommy got some serious scare because she developed some bad allergies and breathing difficulties. She had to use an inhaler when her attack becomes too overbearing. The doc told her that she might be allergic to my kind. Boo! She was so upset with the news and couldn't sleep for nights. Poor mommy.

Now that the test came back negative, I sure hope mommy can feel better. She was so scared that she had to give me up because her doc did tell her that one way to reduce those attacks is to send me away. Bad bad doctor! Shouldn't have said that to mommy before getting the test results. Scared me and mommy to our tails!

Oh well, I think I am a little bit more chatty nowadays. I wasn't very vocal before but these days, I felt compelled to share in conversations, just letting everyone know what I have to say about certain things. Mommy loves it when I respond to her when she talks to me. She thinks I am a better listener than you know who. She loves telling me stories and also things that she couldn't tell anyone else. I have the privilege of being her secret keeper.

And oh, yeah, I am allowed in the long hallway now. What a blast! I am normally forbidden to enter the zone. And I always hesitated a little to set my paws down the hall. Anyway, mommy told me that it's ok to explore a little further from my home turf. I was really cautious of the new area but the more I bring myself to investigate the long hallway, to use my incredible sense of smell to explore the *unpawed* area, the more I realize it's not that scary at all. I get plenty of exercise running up and down the hallway, chasing after furry mice and noisy balls. Thanks mommy for letting me play there. Of course, mommy always kept a watchful eye on me, lest I wander too far or hurt myself in some way.

I'll try to write more often like before, now that mommy is up and running again. So, see you all soon. Lots of kisses from me to you.


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