Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Feeling Under The Weather

Lucy Belle is recuperating so as her mommy, I will take over her blog for now.

She underwent her spay surgery on April 17 and initially everything went on well. I brought her home the same day and within 2 days, she has started licking her sutures. Her incision site were a little swollen and infected. Had to get her back to the vet.

She is now wearing a collar and is not happy with it at all. Just yesterday, she gave me another scare. She urinated in the bathtub and she has never done such.

I was mortified to find traces of blood in her urine and hurried her to the vet yet again. Since coming back from her spay surgery, she has been back to the vet twice. *Sigh!* A procedure called a cystocentesis was performed, in which a needle was placed in her abdomen into her urinary bladder to obtain a sterile urine sample.

A urinalysis and culture sensitivity test will be performed and we would have to wait a few days to obtain the result. She is currently not on any kind of medicine as the vet has suggested that we wait for the test result to better determine the course of treatment.

I have never been so traumatized by her experience. I can imagine how unhappy she is with everything that's been going on lately. I have to praise her for being such a strong girl. At her vet visits, she was calm and composed and very cooperative. Even the vet and her staffs said that she has a really outstanding personality.

She still have difficulties urinating but the good news is, she is not avoiding her litter box. I sincerely believe that her action in the bathtub was her way of telling me she needed help. Had she not urinated in the white tub, I'd never have found out this early. I have been monitoring her and she still couldn't pass urine normally. I only hope that she is not in pain, discomfort maybe, since she has not been growling or crying.

Her stitches will be removed tomorrow and we are also expecting her urinalysis result. The culture sensitivity test result is due on Saturday.

It's very difficult for me to see her this way. She loves to climb and jump, pounce and stalk, basically, everything that a healthy kitten would engage it. Since last week, she is more subdue and weak. She still attempted to climb her cat tree and jump on sofas, but due to her condition, she could not. I sincerely hope that this would pass as soon as possible so I can have my bouncy baby girl back.


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