Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Trick

I heard mommy whispering to daddy last night, something about me being tricked into eating a new brand of food. I tried to perk up my ears to catch on the conversation but couldn't get much info out of it.

Later today, I realized what they were talking about. Mommy said that I am such a good girl because I finished my dinner last night. Emptied the plate. Licked it clean. And I wonder why make a big deal out of it. Turns out, she gave me something new in addition to something old. She added a tablespoon of something called Wellness Core to my Natural Balance. She said something about introducing me to a new palate.

Well, I am not going to say I didn't like it, because the food was surely yummy, but I hate the thought that I didn't realize it earlier. I mean being a cat means you have to be fussy about food. And I got tricked. Grrrrr....

That's the new food in my food rotation! Trust me kitties, it is so pawesome. Although I was tricked into eating it and was a bit upset, in the end, food is glorious. =^.^=


The Creek Cats May 23, 2010 at 3:15 PM  

Humans are soooo good at tricking us, aren't they?
We used to eat Wellness, but we've never tried Wellness Core. We are currently eating Natural Balance Duck, it's yummy! Maybe we should try Core.

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